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The Simple, Easy Weekend Zucchini Lasagna Recipe

By Noor Nouaillati, ASU Nutrition student   Being a college student means living on a tight budget and waiting for that next paycheck. It can be tough. I know, I’ve been there. So, when it comes to the food items … Continue reading

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How Energy Drinks are Affecting Your Health

By Kat Brown, Recent Arizona State University Nutrition Student  6 tips to preventing caffeine addiction       Pre-existing conditions       Know your limits       Read the labels       Beware the “buzz”       Instant energy boosters       See the signs Pre-existing conditions Many conditions may heavily influence how … Continue reading

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Is Your Whole Grain Bread Lying To You?

By Alise Robers, Recent Arizona State University Student  When grocery shopping there are so many different options and brands to choose from. It can sometimes be overwhelming! If you want to pick out a loaf of bread that is 100 … Continue reading

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Salad for Every Season

By Lori Meszaros, ASU Nutrition Communication Student   Arizona’s climate gives you an abundance of produce that can be grown year-round, making it salad time any time of the year! Adding more salads into your weekly meal plan is an … Continue reading

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Ripe vs Unripe

By Laura Slatalla, ASU Nutrition Student As fruit ripens, the nutritional composition of it changes too. Enzymes in the fruit start to break down the starch into simpler sugars, so the glycemic index starts to rise. Riper fruits will give … Continue reading

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