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Celebrate National Pistachio Day

Pistachio: it’s a funny little snack with a nutty name and an even funnier color. Related to the cashew – whose name really does sound like a sneeze – the word pistachio sounds more like someone trying to smother a … Continue reading

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Arizona’s Original Super Boll!

The Cotton Bowl is over, the winners declared. But in Arizona, where cotton is once again king, the real Super Boll is the cotton plant. Boll refers to the round ball of cotton that develops at the end of the … Continue reading

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Little Known Facts about Arizona’s Leafy Greens

January is a good time for green!!! No, not money. That other green – fresh, nutritious, delicious leafy green vegetables like endive, Spring Mix, cabbage, Romaine, Arugula, Iceberg, and Radicchio, to name a few.   And all of it coming from … Continue reading

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This Land is Your Land …9 Quotes by Famous Americans

It isn’t something you think about when you’re googling the pages of Entertainment Weekly, People, or Rolling Stone, but a surprising number of famous Americans are – or have been – ranchers or farmers. Here we gather quotes from some of them.

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Looking Forward: Green is the Color of Food Trends in Arizona for 2015

Following a trend that has been developing all across the nation for the past few years, it looks like Arizona’s 2015 food trends will involve a fair amount of green.  In Arizona, where agricultural innovations have led to a $17.1-billion … Continue reading

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