Christmas Traditions on the Farm III: Reindeer layover on Cameron’s Ranch

By Julie Murphree, Arizona Farm Bureau

Kacie Tomerlin of Arizona Legacy Beef remembers as a child how Santa made her family’s ranch a layover for the Reindeer to get refreshed and fed before heading out on their global Christmas Eve trek.

“I can remember Dad telling us that Santa had designated our ranch as a layover,” says Kacie. “So we’d scatter hay for them to eat. The next day the reindeer had eaten all the hay and we found reindeer droppings everywhere. We were pretty honored they used our ranch in northern Arizona to stop and rest and eat.”

Kacie’s family, the Cameron’s, also used to cut down a tree on their ranch. “We would also cut down a few extra trees for needy families in our area so they’d have a Christmas tree for the holidays.

Kacie and Danny Tomerlin have begun their own traditions with their three-year-old son, Cort, and eight-month-old daughter, Clair. They’re planning on putting out hay for Santa’s reindeer hoping that he makes it a layover stop at their home too.

Danny and Cort Tomerlin Look to find a place to lay out hay for Santa’s Reindeer

In addition, they’ve begun to read the Christmas story to Cort from the Bible on Christmas Eve.

“For me, I love the story that Jesus was willing to come as a helpless baby and leave his father in heaven,” says Kacie. “Now that we’re having our own children, the impact of that self-less act of love is even more profound.”

Editor’s note: I think Santa’s evaluating his options and will most likely stop over at the Tomerlin’s for food and rest. He’s got to stop there anyway, why not!

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