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Citrus, Citrus and More Citrus

By Kat Brown, Recent ASU Nutrition Student   There is a reason one of the “Five C’s” is citrus. Arizona is one of four states that supply our nation with citrus. This is due to the sensitive nature of citrus … Continue reading

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Treat yourself to some Dark Chocolate

By Jacob Gerdes, Arizona State Nutrition Communications Student.  Cravings for a sweet treat may nag at us occasionally and normally we feel the need to restrict ourselves because of the perceived health implications sugary treats may have. We must take … Continue reading

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Do You Know what is bad for Your Teeth?

By Angela C Torrence, Nutritionist A survey of my pediatric patients reveals that they are well aware of which foods to avoid in order to keep their teeth healthy. Sugar is bad for your teeth! The kids explain that they … Continue reading

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Sweet Treats for Valentine’s Day!

By Lauren Scott, Arizona Farm Bureau Intern   Are you looking for some tasty treats to celebrate Valentine’s Day with? Look no further! Whether you are sending the kids off to school with Krispy treats or waking your significant other … Continue reading

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Are There Truly Benefits of Dark Chocolate, or are We Just Dreaming?

Lauren Scott, Arizona Farm Bureau Intern So you’re on a health kick. Maybe you’re trying to lose some weight or maybe you’re just trying to get healthy. You’ve cut out carbs, soda, and most importantly you’ve cut out sweets; but … Continue reading

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