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5 Tips to Encourage Healthy Eating Habits

by Lori Meszaros, Recent ASU Nutrition Communication student   If you walked into a school lunchroom and saw children lining up for the salad bar, you’d probably wonder, “What are they putting in that salad bar to make those kids … Continue reading

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Serving up the Super Bowl

By Lauren Scott, Arizona Farm Bureau Intern What is better than family and friends all gathered together in a living room or backyard to watch the Super Bowl? Some might argue that the commercials are the best part, and some … Continue reading

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Dandy Dandelions

By Lauren Scott, Arizona Farm Bureau Intern Let me set the stage: It’s a beautiful day outside and you’ve decided to go out and clean up the yard a little bit. Mow the lawn, cut the bushes, pull the weeds, … Continue reading

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Fill Your Plate is Mobile!

By Lauren Scott, Arizona Farm Bureau Intern I got on my phone earlier today to show my friend a recipe on fillyourplate.org, and to my surprise, it had become mobile-friendly! I knew it was in the works to launch a … Continue reading

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Arizona’s Five C’s

Anyone who attended school in Arizona as a child has heard of the five C’s: Copper, Cattle, Citrus, Cotton, and Climate. The five C’s have been the driving force behind Arizona’s economy for many years. Traditionally one or more of … Continue reading

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