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Obesity and Pregnancy

By Alise Robers, Recent Arizona State University Nutrition Student  Most healthy woman expect their pregnancies will proceed normally and they will go home with a happy and healthy baby. However, this is not the case for all women due to … Continue reading

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Your Home Brand of Nutrition

By Kevin Dietmeyer, Recent Arizona State University Nutrition Student   What’s your favorite brand?   Even if you’re a purist who avoids falling prey to the superficial trap that is ‘name brand’, you undoubtedly still have a brand you’re more … Continue reading

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How Single Moms Incorporate Healthy Diet and Exercise Habits

By Eric LeClair, ASU Communication Nutrition Student Part 1 of a Series We have all made the excuse that we’re just “too busy” when talking about changing our diet and exercise habits. Single moms might find themselves saying this often … Continue reading

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Healthy Babies, Healthy Moms

By Laura Slatalla, ASU Nutrition Student Breastfeeding creates healthy babies and mothers, as well as a financial benefit. The current recommendation for breastfeeding is exclusively for 6 months before introducing any solids, and at least until 12 months before weaning … Continue reading

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