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Ketogenic Diet and Obesity

By recent ASU nutrition student Alysia Nelson Part of an ongoing series of articles on the Ketogenic Diet     There is an epidemic across the United States, known as obesity. Obesity is linked to the increased risk of numerous … Continue reading

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The Connection Between Childhood Obesity and Chronic Diseases

By Jessica Bombase, Recent ASU Nutrition Student 1 in 5 “school-aged” children are obese, according to the CDC. This statistic really scares me. This is one too many children being overweight and unhealthy in the early stage of life. In … Continue reading

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Can Eating Possibly Lead to a Breakthrough for Obesity and Eating Behaviors?

By Jessica Bombase, Recent Arizona State University Nutrition Student  First off, for clarification lets break down some keywords that we will encounter in this article that will help us understand what is being discussed: What are endorphins? A natural chemical … Continue reading

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Can Prunes Help Whittle Your Waistline?

If most of us think of prunes at all, we think of them as something senior citizens eat because of their high fiber content.  But a new study may have everyone talking about prunes as the next weight loss “superfood”.   … Continue reading

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4 Things You Can Do This Month to Fight Childhood Obesity

There is no question that childhood obesity is one of the greatest challenges facing both our country and our state. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the obesity rate among children has doubled in the last 30 years … Continue reading

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