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Artificial Sweeteners: Good or Bad?

By Tim Nordberg, Arizona State University Nutrition Student There seems to be a new fad diet every year.  For a while, everyone seemed to be worried about cutting carbohydrates from their diet but now it seems everyone is concerned about … Continue reading

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What’s Trending Now: Edible Cookie Dough

By Lauren Scott, Arizona Farm Bureau Intern When I was little, my mom would let me lick the bowl clean after she had mixed cake batter, brownie batter, or cookie dough. Most kids I know licked the bowl clean, too … Continue reading

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Soda: Our Sugary Enemy

By Michael Russell, recent Arizona State University Nutrition Communication Student We, as Americans, consume up 44 gallons of soda a year, so there is no denying we have a love affair with soda.  The only issue is that it is … Continue reading

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Added Sugars and What They are Adding to Your Health

  By Mariely Lopez, a Nutrition Communication Undergraduate at Arizona State University and additional contributions by Arizona Farm Bureau Staff.    Last Friday (May 20th), The White House released the first major update of the Nutrition Facts label for packaged … Continue reading

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Do You Know what is bad for Your Teeth?

By Angela C Torrence, Nutritionist A survey of my pediatric patients reveals that they are well aware of which foods to avoid in order to keep their teeth healthy. Sugar is bad for your teeth! The kids explain that they … Continue reading

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