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Green Tea to Your Health

By Noor Nouaillati, Recent ASU Nutrition Student We all know that green tea has become very popular and that it’s now being used for treating various health issues including weight loss. I found an article on health line that had … Continue reading

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Filling Your Cup with Matcha Green Tea

By Sarah LeVesque, Recent Arizona State University Nutrition Student   My first experience with matcha was probably the same as many others: matcha ice cream. This mysterious green ice cream has such a uniquely grassy and sweet flavor, and I … Continue reading

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The Green Tea Effect: From Coffee to Tea-The reasons, benefits, and myths

  We all could use a little more energy throughout the day. Adding coffee to our daily routine helps immensely but what happens when you take your coffee drinking too far and hit that shaky, jittery caffeine wall? When we … Continue reading

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Health Benefits of Tea

By Lauren Scott, Arizona Farm Bureau Intern Tea is one of my all-time favorite drinks. I’ll drink hot tea, or iced tea, sweet tea, or tea with a little lemon in it; it doesn’t matter to me. Tea has also … Continue reading

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What not to Eat or Drink before Bed

By Lauren Scott, Arizona Farm Bureau Intern If you are having trouble sleeping at night and are waking up very tired it might be what you are eating before bed. It could also be the fact that you look at … Continue reading

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