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You Can Stop Overeating Today

By Kevin Dietmeyer, Recent Arizona State University Nutrition Student   Do you know how many calories you consumed today?  What about yesterday?  Can you tell me how many calories you consume in an average week?  Even if you can pull … Continue reading

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Exercise and Your Brain

By Nathan Chambers, Recent ASU Nutrition Student  With an ever-aging population, more and more time is being spent studying diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia. We know that an unhealthy diet can worsen, or even encourage the formation of these neurological … Continue reading

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Training Your Brain to Crave What’s Good for You

Cookies make your brain sparkle, at least during an MRI. These sparkles are the visual representation of the release of dopamine in the brain that occurs when we experience something pleasing, like eating a cookie. This is the brain’s reward … Continue reading

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B is for Breakfast

It shouldn’t be news that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and yet many of us are still skipping breakfast.  So we wanted to take this opportunity to talk about why breakfast is so important since September … Continue reading

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Can Prunes Help Whittle Your Waistline?

If most of us think of prunes at all, we think of them as something senior citizens eat because of their high fiber content.  But a new study may have everyone talking about prunes as the next weight loss “superfood”.   … Continue reading

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