Arizona Buffalo Meat is another Local Arizona Food You Need to Add to Your Red-Meat Choices!

By Julie Murphree, Arizona Farm Bureau
Remember reading those old western novels where the cowboy on a long drive would eat buffalo jerky for his protein source? As a child growing up on an Arizona cotton farm, I imagined how rough and rugged the American West must have been so long ago.
Those stories of survival and open western expanses made me want to try some buffalo meat, just like the cowboys and Indians.
Well, now I have! Thanks to Arizona Buffalo Company. You may recall that Arizona Farm Bureau’s Fill Your Plate now is doing product profiles on some of our local, Arizona agriculture products.
Fill Your Plate’s latest product profile highlights the tasty goodness of Arizona-raised bison meat. Arizona Buffalo Company, located in Buckeye, sent me home with a bison pot roast that I cooked in the crock pot. With a friend, we sat down to a delightful meal of this “All-American meat.”
If you’ve never tried bison, or buffalo, meat you must. Bison meat has a lighter, sweeter flavor and is not gamy. Oh, and the health benefits of bison meat are well worth noting. Bison is low in fat, cholesterol and calories, yet high in protein, vitamins and minerals.  
Our conclusion after feasting on Arizona-grown bison? It’s tasty, wonderfully flavorful and healthy too. I plan to add this red-meat choice to my menu mix.