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Fill Your Plate Hosts Loads of Veggie Recipes

It’s recently come out that we’re still not eating enough vegetables, according to the USDA. Certainly, this should be of concern to our Arizona families. But the issue is resolvable and Fill Your Plate will help you! Arizona Farm Bureau’s … Continue reading

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May is the Month for BBQ

One of the surest signs that summer is on its way is the smell of grilling meat wafting through the air.   Whether you use a smoker, some charcoal, or a shiny gas grill, cooking outside can be easier and is … Continue reading

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USDA Releases New Maps Identifying Major Crop Producing Areas: Lemons

A total of 40 new maps have been prepared, showing major crop-producing areas in the United States, China, India, Pakistan, and South Africa.  Earlier versions of these maps appeared in the Major World Crop Areas and Climatic Profiles (MWCACP) handbook that contains … Continue reading

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3 Egg-cellent Ways to Celebrate Eggs in May

Did you know that on average, Americans eat about 250 eggs a year?  It’s true.  We love to scramble them up for breakfast, hard boil them for lunch, and mix them into a variety of delicious dishes for dinner.  And … Continue reading

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Cooking Tool: Know Your Knives

Knowing which tool to use in the kitchen while you are cooking can make a big difference in both the quality and the safety of your cooking. This graphic will show you just how to slice, chop, or cut your next … Continue reading

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