Making Mother’s Day Memorable

Cover of "Mother's Day"

Cover of Mother's Day

If you picture the perfect Mother’s Day, what do you see?  Does the thought of poorly made pancakes, piled up by cute children and a well meaning Dad delivered via a tray decorated with paper flowers make you smile?  Does your picture feature a posh brunch in an elegant setting featuring fine china and fancy linens?  We all have an idea of what the picture perfect Mother’s Day should look like but when was the last time you asked your Mother her thoughts on the perfect day?

If there is one thing that mothers everywhere would agree is needed in order to have a perfect Mother’s Day, it would be time spent with children, her family, and the people she loves most.  Skip spending money on sending flowers and instead grab some flowering plants from the local farm or greenhouse and spend your time celebrating and spoiling your mother.  The plants will provide an ongoing reminder of the people who love her and bring back fond memories of her special day all year round and nothing says “I love you” like spending time with someone.

Thinking about your mother’s day plans for this weekend?    A recent poll conducted by Mouth by Southwest in Phoenix shows that many Mom’s would rather have dinner for their special meal than breakfast or brunch.  Wondering where your Mother weighs in on this poll?  Ask her. You may find out that she would prefer to sleep in on Sunday or loves the idea of spending the morning reading the paper with a cup of tea.   Then, make this year extra special by stepping outside of the expected and delivering a day uniquely designed for her.

Looking for an original idea? Take mom out for Mother’s Day but not to a fancy restaurant or country club brunch.  Take her outside in the yard and have a good old fashioned barbecue.  This can be an extra-special way to spend the day if you have more than one generation of Mother’s to recognize or for those with large extended families.  By turning Mother’s Day into a multi-generational family celebration filled with the best food Arizona has to offer, you can create a picture perfect memory for all the Mothers in your family.

Get the other family members to pitch in and raid the local farmer’s market for fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and poultry.  Set up a few grills and let the Mom’s relax and sip their favorite local wine while you create a mealtime masterpiece.

For a menu that takes you outside the ordinary BBQ fare, start off with a salad or two like the Golden Beet and Pomegranate salad, Farmer’s Favorite Salad or Country Garden Salad that all feature fresh in-season foods like beets, arugula, carrots, tomatoes, and spinach.  For the main course, serve up a traditional burger with a twist like the Rasher Bacon Burger, or go a little more formal with Rosemary Sage Steak or Citrus Grilled Turkey.  Grill up fresh Arizona zucchini, squash, carrots and potatoes to accompany the meats and don’t forget dessert.  Make a one of a kind dessert by composing a trifle made with cubes of Vanilla Chocolate Chip Cake, fresh apricots and nectarines and homemade whip cream.

So, pick up the phone, round up your relatives and make this Mother’s Day one she will always remember.

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