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What Types of Foods are Good for You?

By Noor Nouaillati, Recent ASU Nutrition Student Have you ever wondered what types of foods are good for you? If what you were consuming had any nutritional benefit? We consume different foods every day, but have you ever sat down … Continue reading

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The Excellence of the Egg

By Bailey Roden, Arizona Farm Bureau Intern Have we underestimated the true power the egg has to offer? I fear the excellence of the egg has been underrated! Most of us think of eggs when we think of breakfast. We … Continue reading

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Crust-less Broccoli and Cheese Quiche

By Laura Slatalla, Recent Arizona State University Nutrition StudentĀ  Quiche is a really versatile and hearty breakfast dish, which you can pack full of lots of vegetables. We can skip the crust and egg yolks to shave off some calories … Continue reading

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Different Ways to Dye Eggs!

By Lauren Scott, Arizona Farm Bureau Intern Every year around Easter eggs begin to fly off the shelves. After the eggs get home, they get hard-boiled, and then dyed many different colors, and many different patterns! Most of us have … Continue reading

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The H5N2 Bird Flu, What Does It Mean?

The outbreak of the avian influenza H5N2 in the U.S. has seriously impacted Midwestern poultry and egg producers. This strain has already spread to 14 states and has led to the deaths and scheduled euthanizing of over 45 million birds. … Continue reading

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