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How Our Backyard Garden Encouraged Adventurous Eating in My Toddler

When my son was almost 3 years old, we finally moved into a home with some outdoor space. It was early spring and – with boxes still waiting to be unpacked – we focused on getting our backyard garden going. I had big plans for that small garden. My son, a once adventurous eater, was suddenly very particular. He was no longer eating his veggies! This garden would act as an outdoor classroom to teach him the alchemy of growing food – and hopefully to get him to show some enthusiasm about the vegetables I was putting on his plate. Long story short – it was a success! The trick was to involve him in every step.

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Traditional Composting

By Alexandra Pettit, AZFB Communications Intern This is part two of the three-part composting series. Traditional composting is the most commonly known type. This is typically a compost pile or bin. This would consist of yard clippings and some types … Continue reading

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Start your Own Herb Garden

By Victoria Gabrielle Bravo, University of Arizona ISPP dietetic intern   Starting an herb garden in your own home is easier than once thought. Having fresh herbs to use will greatly improve the health and taste of all dishes. Using … Continue reading

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Planting Through the Low Desert Seasons

By Cricket Aldridge, Urban Farm Lifestyle Editor   One of the coolest things about gardening in the Sonoran Desert is that we can grow every month of the year, with the hardest time to grow being July through September, although … Continue reading

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Homemade, Garden Fresh Pizza

By Lori Meszaros, Recent Arizona State University Nutrition Student  Farmer’s markets and grocery stores are filled with all of the freshest ingredients you need to make this homemade, garden fresh pizza at home. And with the weather starting to warm … Continue reading

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