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3 Liquid Sweeteners You Need to Know More About

By Angela C Torrence, ASU Nutrition Student   I was about to put honey in my tea when I realized agave nectar might have a better flavor for that particular tea. That’s when I questioned, putting flavor aside, which liquid … Continue reading

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18 Honey Facts for National Honey Month

It’s September, and that means it is National Honey Month! Honey Month was initiated by The National Honey Board in 1989. September was chosen because it is the month that marks the end of the honey collection season for many … Continue reading

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Sweet Showdown: Sugar vs. Honey

It seems like half the people we know are looking for easy ways to cut back on their overall sugar intake.  For some people, the desire to cut back on refined sugar is for health reasons like diabetes, for other … Continue reading

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Honey: How Sweet It Is

If you look in your kitchen cupboards it is very likely that you will find a bottle of honey.  In the past, before sugar was widely and easily available, honey was the primary sweetener used in cooking and baking. Many … Continue reading

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Fun Facts About Peanut Butter

Do you know how many peanuts it takes to make an ounce of peanut butter? How about the number of peanut butter sandwiches you could make with one acre of peanuts? Peanut butter and peanuts it comes from are staples in the diets of most Americans. As we head into November, which is National Peanut Butter Lover’s month, here are the answers to those two questions and a bunch of other fun facts about peanuts and peanut butter.

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