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Citrus, Citrus and More Citrus

By Kat Brown, Recent ASU Nutrition Student   There is a reason one of the “Five C’s” is citrus. Arizona is one of four states that supply our nation with citrus. This is due to the sensitive nature of citrus … Continue reading

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3 Big Reasons to add more Vitamin C to your Routine

By Lisa Kaschmitter, Arizona State University Nutrition Student   More than ever before, Arizona families have greater opportunities to eat a balanced diet with a good mix of vitamins and minerals. And, while the best place to get those vitamins … Continue reading

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30 Ways to Use Oranges

August is all about Arizona Oranges and we thought it would be fun to get to know these delicious orange orbs a little better.  Here are some fun facts, interesting bits of information, and delicious dishes that are all about … Continue reading

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What’s in Season in February?

If you haven’t visited your local farmers’ market this winter, you are missing out!  Arizona is one of the few states that can offer fresh, locally grown produce all year round.  Make the most of this wonderful natural resource by … Continue reading

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What’s in Season in January?

The holidays are over and the New Year is here.  This is a time for new beginnings and healthy habits.  We encourage you to make a habit of showing locally for your produce, meat, and dairy products.  Sourcing food locally … Continue reading

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