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Pumpkin, this Season’s Superfood

By Lori Meszaros, ASU Nutrition Communication Student   Pumpkins have always been known for their amazing ability to withstand carving and of course to make a pie, but now pumpkin is popping up everywhere. From Starbucks’ world famous Pumpkin Spice … Continue reading

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50 Ways to Eat Quinoa

By Lauren Scott, Arizona Farm Bureau Intern I walked into my kitchen the other day to find a giant bag of something called ‘quinoa’ taking up the counter space I was going to use to make my lunch. My mom … Continue reading

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20 Ways to Use Brussels Sprouts

Despite its close ties to other popular vegetables like broccoli, Brussels sprouts are not generally found at the top of the list of our favorite vegetables.  This under-appreciated veggie is one of our Vegetables of the Month for April and … Continue reading

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50 Fun Things to Do with Sweet Peppers

Here in Arizona, peppers are usually the hot and spicy kind, but since this month is bell pepper month, we thought we would invite you to celebrate a whole different kind of pepper.  Bell peppers, which are also called sweet … Continue reading

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What’s in Season in March?

Spring is here and that means you will start to see even more fabulously fresh locally grown fruits and veggies available at local farmers markets.  Commit to eating more local products this month to celebrate the farmers and ranchers that … Continue reading

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