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How Our Backyard Garden Encouraged Adventurous Eating in My Toddler

When my son was almost 3 years old, we finally moved into a home with some outdoor space. It was early spring and – with boxes still waiting to be unpacked – we focused on getting our backyard garden going. I had big plans for that small garden. My son, a once adventurous eater, was suddenly very particular. He was no longer eating his veggies! This garden would act as an outdoor classroom to teach him the alchemy of growing food – and hopefully to get him to show some enthusiasm about the vegetables I was putting on his plate. Long story short – it was a success! The trick was to involve him in every step.

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Pumpkins Are Not Just for Pie!

By Alexandra Pettit, AZFB Communications Intern Its officially Fall and pumpkin spice is back everywhere, but pumpkins are not just for pie! Fill your plate has come up with many different uses for pumpkin for every season. Find your favorite … Continue reading

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Carving Pumpkins? Bake Those Seeds!

By, Steven Grunner, Current ASU Nutrition Student   Pumpkin seeds are extremely beneficial to the body and yet so many people are throwing them out every single year around Halloween while they decorate their pumpkins. It makes sense because they … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Seeds for Life

By Kevin Dietmeyer, a Nutrition Communication student at Arizona State University   It’s a pumpkin spice time of year and pumpkin spice everything is trending with no signal of stopping anytime soon, and why should it? Trends like pumpkin spice … Continue reading

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All about the Ch Ch Ch Chia Seed

By Lauren Scott, Arizona Farm Bureau Intern Yes, it’s the same chia seed you saw in those dorky Chia Pet commercials but you won’t forget the jingle! According to WebMD, chia is an edible seed that is grown in South … Continue reading

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