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3 Big Reasons to add more Vitamin C to your Routine

By Lisa Kaschmitter, Arizona State University Nutrition Student   More than ever before, Arizona families have greater opportunities to eat a balanced diet with a good mix of vitamins and minerals. And, while the best place to get those vitamins … Continue reading

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How What You Eat Can Affect Your Skin

The grocery store shelves are full of lotions, creams, and cleansers that offer softer, suppler, moister, more radiant skin.  But if you really want to improve the way your skin looks and feels, you may be shopping in the wrong … Continue reading

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Top 10 Foods to Alleviate Stress

When we talk about stress and food in the same sentence, it usually refers to how many of us eat all the wrong things when we are feeling stressed out. That assumption makes sense because stress eating is a big … Continue reading

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My Top 10 List of Summer Veggies

It’s summertime. Well, almost. So below are my top 10 Arizona vegetables for summer. I’m going to make sure I either purchase at a local farmer’s market or grocery store. And, they’ll be in-season so they’ll be more reasonable in price.

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