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What’s in Season this Summer?

By Lauren Scott, Arizona Farm Bureau Intern In Arizona, we are very fortunate to have many different tasty fruits and vegetables available to us in the summer. Actually, we are fortunate to have tasty produce available year round! But as … Continue reading

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An Eggcellent Start to Your Day

By Michael Russell, Arizona State University Nutrition Communication Student Today’s recipe is the celebration of that wonderful little white oval, the egg.  Plus, May is National Egg Month so we need an egg recipe! The egg is such a versatile … Continue reading

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Added Sugars and What They are Adding to Your Health

  By Mariely Lopez, a Nutrition Communication Undergraduate at Arizona State University and additional contributions by Arizona Farm Bureau Staff.    Last Friday (May 20th), The White House released the first major update of the Nutrition Facts label for packaged … Continue reading

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Are You Getting Enough Ascorbic Acid in your Diet?

By Jacob Gerdes, Arizona State Nutrition Communications Student.   Ascorbic Acid may sound intimidating but you know exactly what it is and I would wager that you may even have an isolated supplement of it in your house right now. … Continue reading

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3 Liquid Sweeteners You Need to Know More About

By Angela C Torrence, ASU Nutrition Student   I was about to put honey in my tea when I realized agave nectar might have a better flavor for that particular tea. That’s when I questioned, putting flavor aside, which liquid … Continue reading

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