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Announcing: University of Arizona Nutrition Mediterranean Diet Conference

As part of University of Arizona’s ongoing efforts to bring prevention research and healthy living guidance to the community, the January 2015 meeting will focus specifically on how to translate the health benefits of the diet/lifestyle to the US (and the Southwest).  … Continue reading

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How to Get Through the Holidays Without Gaining Weight

If there is anything as certain as death and taxes it is that getting through the holidays without gaining weight is always a challenge. Between cookies and parties and stockings full of tasty treats, this month is packed with opportunities … Continue reading

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8 Tips for Getting Enough Healthy Protein

Protein is essential to good health because it is involved in every critical function within your body. On average, American adults should be getting 10-35% of their calories each day from protein. For men that means about 56 grams and … Continue reading

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Ingredients that Matter When We Have a Snack Attack

People all around the world love to snack which is apparent when looking at the results of Nielsen’s Global Survey of Snacking.   This $374 billion industry just keeps growing and it isn’t the biggest snackers on the planet, Americans and … Continue reading

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Training Your Brain to Crave What’s Good for You

Cookies make your brain sparkle, at least during an MRI. These sparkles are the visual representation of the release of dopamine in the brain that occurs when we experience something pleasing, like eating a cookie. This is the brain’s reward … Continue reading

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