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By 2050, almost seventy-five percent of the world’s population will be urban. And most of us, including Arizonans, are 3 to 4 generations removed from the farm and ranch. As a result we have no contact with the source of our food other than eating it. Arizona Farm Bureau realizes the significant importance of knowing where our food comes from including the excitement of meeting a modern-day farmer growing our food, certainly local food.

So, we created Fill Your Plate, an online, searchable database of Arizona farmers and ranchers that can sell food products and certainly local Arizona food directly to you and me!

Launched in 2007, Arizona Farm Bureau’s Fill Your Plate serves to help form a unique relationship -- a common bond -- between Arizona farmers and ranchers and Arizonans. In fact, it’s one way we’re building community! Fill Your Plate provides chefs and Arizona families with an opportunity to find and purchase locally grown food and along the way make friends with the farmers and ranchers who grow our food.

On the site, you’ll have all sorts of entertaining opportunities to engage beyond just the searchable produce-based database. You can post a question on our Farmer Forum (which is our Facebook page), search for recipes, read what local celebrities are saying about food and much more! We even provide information about how food prices are trending and nutritious tidbits that highlight Arizona fruits and vegetables and meat products. It’s a cornucopia of insights that once you’ve begun to use Fill Your Plate your mouth will water in anticipation of biting into an Arizona apple or barbequing some of Arizona’s famous and tasty beef.

Check out Fill Your Plate frequently as we regularly add new Arizona farmers and ranchers to the site, upload new producer recipes, have various celebrities talking about our great products and much more!

Here on Fill Your Plate, you'll find ...
*Local Arizona food directory
*Recipes provided by Arizona farmers and ranchers (and oh can they cook!)
*Nutritious News
*Organic Arizona food
*Arizona Farmers Markets
*Easy dinner recipes (tested by our farm and ranch families!)
*Arizona Produce in Season
*Local media and chef celebrities talking about local food from Arizona
*Fill Your Plate blog that posts two articles every week on food, recipes, nutrition and Arizona farming and ranching!

Fill Your Plate with Arizona agriculture!

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