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Hummus with Ground Beef
First, combine the tahini and lemon juice in the food processor bowl and mix for one minute while it’s mixing scrape the sides of the bowl. You want to create a thick creamy texture. Once the tahini and lemon juice has achieved a thick creamy texture, begin to add in the olive oil, garlic, salt and mix for an additional minute. Then, drain the chickpeas and add it to the mixture and let that process for an additional minute or two. To create the true hummus experience you want the mixture to be thick, smooth and creamy so keep mixing until you get that texture. More salt can be added if seeking a more powerful flavor. Next, cook the ground beef and season it with spices, salt, pepper, chili flakes and cumin. Allow the ground beef to cook with a drizzle of olive oil. After the ground beef is cooked, place your hummus on the plate and add the ground beef on top of the hummus along with parsley for a garnish if desired.