Olive Oil is Good for Your Heart

Olive oil is so healthy it even protects against heart disease. In Arizona, you can buy it locally from our olive tree groves thanks to our family’s Queen Creek Olive Mill. So, here’s to your heart.


Get Your 5 Daily Servings of Veggies with Arizona Vegetables!

It’s so important to get your 5 servings of veggies daily, that even if small trace amounts of pesticides from organic or conventionally grown veggies exist, you’re better off eating these nutrient-rich foods. So, wash your fruits and vegetables.



May is National Egg Month

May is national Egg Month! Did you know that our own Hickman’s Family Farms produces more than 9 million eggs a day for Arizona families? Eat more eggs, it’s a healthy choice!



Add Arizona Beef toYour Cinco de Mayo Weekend

Beef is a nutrient-dense food and is the number one source of protein, vitamin B12, and zinc. In Arizona, it’s our number one agriculture commodity bringing in close to a billion dollars. This Cinco de Mayo weekend, grill some juicy steaks.


Arizona has been Growing Biotech Cotton for 20 Years

Did you know that 96.3% of the cotton planted and grown in Arizona last year was biotech, or GMO, cotton? Biotech cotton reduces water and pesticide use and helps us grow more cotton on less land. We’ve been growing GMO cotton for 20 years!

Some Arizona-grown biotech (GMO) cotton.