Arizona Beef is Quality Beef!

A 3-ounce serving of Arizona beef is a nutrient-dense food and is the #1 source of protein, vitamin B12, and zinc. In Arizona, it’s one of our top agriculture commodities. This weekend is perfect for grilling some juicy steaks.

DEWEY, AZ: Black Angus cattle in a pasture on a ranch near Dewey, AZ. PHOTO BY JACK KURTZ


Eggs are a Healthy Protein Choice

May is National Egg Month! Did you know that our own Hickman’s Family Farms produces more than 10 million eggs a day for Arizona families? Eat more eggs, it’s a healthy choice!


Fill Your Plate is Mobile Friendly

Fill Your Plate is now mobile friendly. Your weekend trip might first mean a morning visit to a local farmers market. Just take out your smartphone and go to Fill Your Plate.org to take advantage of our searchable farmers’ market feature.


Olive Oil Helps the Body Absorb Nutrients

Putting Olive oil on salad helps the body absorb nutrients. Good to know since Yuma, Arizona is considered the country’s winter Salad Bowl because of all the leafy greens it produces!


We’re Serious about Food Safety

Arizona Farmers are serious about food safety. They use the most current, science-based standards to keep your food healthy. They do this by daily using clean water, soil, and equipment.