Arizona Grows Beautiful Flowers

The floral market is booming and Arizona is one place to find beautiful fresh cut flowers. U.S. flower farms, like mine, can supply your fresh cut flower needs and satisfy your desire to buy local. And, you can buy them by the bucket-full.


Arizona Farm Bureau Represents Every Type of Farm and Ranch

Did you know that Arizona Farm Bureau represents all types of farmers and ranchers? They might be small, medium and large-sized farms and ranches. And, we represent conventional, organic and biotech farmers.


Arizona Beef is the Best!

If you’re looking for quality, Arizona beef and want to buy directly from the rancher, go to fillyourplate.org. Our website hosts about 25 beef producers including grass-fed and heritage breeds of cattle.



Don’t Forget To get Arizona Milk for your Fridge!

96% of all Arizona homes have milk in the fridge. No worries about keeping you well stocked, though, our family dairy farms have nearly 200,000 milk cows to keep us well supplied with the local dairy product.



Make Arizona Milk Your Sports Drink!

Work out often? Make milk your sports drink. Recent studies find milk can repair and replenish muscle tissue after exercise by replacing nutrients such as protein. Arizona dairies serve up fresh milk daily. You should too.

Arizona Milk

Arizona milk should be your energy drink of choice.