Arizona Farmers and Ranchers Want You to Eat Healthy

Our Arizona farmers and ranchers serving you beef, dairy, eggs, fruits, vegetables and more take each serving seriously. Why? What they grow and raise, they feed their own families. Arizona farmers and ranchers want you to eat healthy too.

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Arizona Agriculture Uses Water to Grow for All of Us.

Who uses water? We all do. Yes, agriculture uses a lot of water. But, there’s a lot of water in the food we eat, and it takes water to grow that food. Arizona agriculture grows for all of us.


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Arizona’s Farmers are Busy Planting & Harvesting 12 months Out of the Year

Arizona’s 300 plus days of sunshine help us grow all the healthy food groups, even fish for protein. Our state’s farmers are busy planting and harvesting 12 months out of the year. Yuma serves up 130 million servings of leafy greens to the U.S. and Canada every day.

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Nearly all Arizona Farms are Family Owned

Nearly all Arizona farms are family owned. Some are large with multiple generations while others are incorporated to protect the family business. So, even our large corporate farms are most likely family farms. Our Arizona ranch, Jeffers Cattle Company, is an LLC.

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Growing the Med Diet in the Desert

Arizona agriculture’s 23-billion-dollar industry grows the “Med Diet in the Desert.” Everything from fruits and vegetables, nuts, and a variety of healthy meat protein including beef. We even raise fish in Arizona. All fitting into the world’s healthiest diet, the Mediterranean diet.

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