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Let Soup Warm You this Winter

Soup has been around about as long as people have used pots to cook their food.  As anyone who has ever lived on a small food budget can attest, soup can make a little food go a long way.  When … Continue reading

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Look Who’s Talking Now: Farmers

By Julie Murphree  Someone has convinced farmers and ranchers to start talking.  That’s kind of a crazy proposition, especially since sometimes they really don’t care to get into the communication thing too much.   Warning: Once they do start talking, … Continue reading

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5 Simple New Year Resolutions for a Healthier Diet

You’ve resolved to exercise more in the New Year. What have you planned to do about the way you eat?

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Let’s Talk Tomatoes

Tomatoes may be the most complex vegetable in our refrigerator. For starters, they aren’t really a vegetable at all, at least botanically. But as members of the nightshade family, they are considered vegetables for cooking purposes and in the eyes of the law.

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My American Farm Games: Farm Fun and Learning Wrapped into One

My American Farm is a cooperative project that aims to increase agricultural knowledge by using interactive, educational computer games. Most of the current games are aimed at students in the 3rd thru 5th grades, but recent additions have introduced new games perfect for students in K-2.

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