Most Arizonans Want Fresh Flowers Grown by our Flower Farmers

58% of Americans would prefer to purchase fresh flowers from an American Flower Farmer, like me. With your support, more local flower farms could be filling the vases in your home with fresh cut flowers.

Fresh flowers from Green Creek Gardens located at 2190 S Old Black Canyon Hwy in Dewey, Arizona. Call to schedule an appointment to come out a cut your own flowers from the field: (928) 499-5088


Arizona Beef Keep You and Our Economy Healthy

Arizona beef is one of our largest agriculture commodities generating nearly one billion dollars to our state’s economy. So in addition to keeping you healthy, eat beef and keep our state economically healthy.


Our Farm Families Care about their Animals

Cows in Arizona are not treated with artificial hormones. That gallon of milk in your fridge came from a family dairy farm where quality care for our cows includes regularly visiting nutritionists. Do you have a nutritionist visit your home?


Irrigation Makes Arizona Agriculture Flourish!

Applying water to our desert farming is why Arizona flourishes. The west has only 20% of usable farmland but produces 60% of the nation’s total value of agriculture products. The big reason? Irrigation!

Photo courtesy of Yuma vegetable farmer Jonathan Dinsmore.


Arizona Grows Beautiful Flowers

The floral market is booming and Arizona is one place to find beautiful fresh cut flowers. U.S. flower farms, like mine, can supply your fresh cut flower needs and satisfy your desire to buy local. And, you can buy them by the bucket-full.