Arizona’s Farms and Ranches are Family Owned

Most Arizona farms are family-owned. Some are large with multiple generations while others are incorporated to protect the family business. So, even our large corporate farms are most likely family farms.


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Arizona Agriculture Can Grow Everything!

Arizona agriculture’s 23-billion-dollar industry grows everything! Everything from fruits and vegetables, nuts, and a variety of healthy meat proteins including beef, pork and lamb. We even raise fish in Arizona. Our Yuma farm is part of this mix of foods.

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Personalization is a Prime Driver to Today’s Food Trends

Food trends move more dynamically than ever before. Personalization is a prime driver including digital interaction tools like Amazon Echo. And Consumers want simple labels, not fear-based labels. Arizona farmers and ranchers celebrate these trends along with you.

sunbutter nutrition facts

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Crack Into a Healthy Egg Today!

Eggs are important to maintain a healthy diet. One egg contains 13 different vitamins and minerals. Crack into this healthy food today!

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Menu Planning Means Better Choices, Better Budgeting

When shopping, plan a menu before going. Buy fresh and what’s in season. Ask the produce manager about vegetables you’ve never tried; be adventurous by preparing something new. Most of all, make sure you’re eating fresh vegetables every meal.

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