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Veteran Valley broadcaster Sean McLaughlin has had multiple roles at CBS 5 News, including chief meteorologist, news anchor and reporter, and he now serves as the station's main weeknight male anchor.
McLaughlin joined the CBS 5 News team in September 2006. Prior to his return to the Valley, he served as MSNBC's weekday chief meteorologist and Sunday meteorologist on NBC's "Weekend Today." McLaughlin was an integral part of NBC's coverage plans of the record-breaking hurricane seasons of 2004 and 2005, including broadcasting live for over 14 hours straight as Hurricane Katrina approached the Gulf coastline.
In addition to his achievements in broadcast meteorology, McLaughlin has covered the president’s inauguration, the launch of the space shuttle, as well as the Winter & Summer Olympic Games, the Daytona 500 and multiple Super Bowls.
His diverse broadcast background and stylized spirit he brings to the screen have made McLaughlin a seven-time Emmy award-winning journalist. Even with his switch to news, he currently maintains his National Weather Association's Broadcast Seal of Approval and fills in on CBS's "The Early Show" in New York.
McLaughlin is married with four children and enjoys exploring Arizona with his family.
  • What created your appreciation for good food?
    Three words...high school wrestling!!!

    Think about your metabolism in high school. Now think about actually cutting back on all that great food (junk and all those Iowa meat and potato dishes!) that is a staple of your high school existence! It was NOT FUN, but you make it through with a better appreciation of even basic food staples. And growing up in Iowa, you're not exposed to a huge variety of food. So my appreciation level has gone up even more since I've been away from the Heartland.
  • Where is a favorite place for you and your wife to eat especially for an anniversary dinner?

    Love Tarbell's

  • What's a favorite Dessert for you two?
    You can't beat the natural berries and ice cream at the Rokerij...it's like a pint and a half of Haagen-Dazs!

    And there's always the "Pizookie" at Oregano's.
  • Any family traditions that involve food that you'd like to share (especially if somewhat unique to your family)?
    I remember the farm fresh hams my Grandpa Jack would make on Christmas Day inside a iron stove fueled by burning corn cobs. I remember getting to shovel a handful in when we arrived on the farm trudging through the snow.

    Fresh sweet corn in the summer just picked from the field across the street would always make those thick; Iowa Pork chops taste even better!
  • If you cook, what's your favorite thing to cook? If not, what's the favorite thing your wife cooks that you love to eat?
    She makes a mean chili...hotter than her personality! I don't cook often, but when I did, my first news director of Armenian descent, gave me an incredible recipe for chicken with capers, olive oil and figs!
  • With a busy schedule working for a news station, how do you make sure you eat healthy since you're always on the go?
    That's my biggest challenge -- constantly making SMART choices rather than just FAST choices.

    I try to supplement with some organic dry fruit (Costco!) or other smart snacks. My metabolism still cranks as high as a hummingbird, so I always have to eat something.
  • What do you think is most important for Arizona families to keep in mind about food and nutrition?
    Just to take the time, slow down and think things through...it starts at the grocery store.

    Never go hungry!

    Make a list and make sure it is balanced. You should be spending the MOST time in the store in the produce department.

    And yes, kids will eat fruits AND vegetables...just start early and make it fun!
  • Any thoughts on Arizona-grown foods?
    I always love the farmer’s lunch at Arizona Ag Day. It reminds us how thankful we should be to live in a state with progressive, smart and passionate farmers.
    Is there any better lettuce than those heads that come from Yuma? Or, the sweet cantaloupe and other produce from America's "Winter Salad Bowl"?

    Can you beat a three-egg omelet at Rico's (Pointe Hilton at Squaw Peak) made with Hickman's eggs? It's amazing how good we have it...now we just have to tell more people about it!

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