The Simple Farm’s new Goat Milk Caramels are Simply Divine

Well, the Arizona Farm Bureau staff has product tested another locally-inspired farm artisan product and concluded it is simply divine: The Simple Farm’s Farmstead Goat Milk Caramels.
We love it when our Arizona farmers and ranchers send us home with one of their farm artisan products because we get to try it out. And, we’re some serious taste samplers.
After passing out a bagful of them, we all at Arizona Farm Bureau gave our take on this new product by The Simple Farm.
First that hint of Bourbon vanilla comes through well and smooth. Plus, the added sea salt adds a subtle  but delightfully light crunch.
One of our staff members who used to work in the dental profession also pointed out how soft the caramel is; a plus. The fresh goat milk, cram, sweet butter and Madagascar Bourbon make this product unique and a cut above the typical caramel you’d eat.
As The Simple Farm in Scottsdale says, if you “Want to order little bags of pure farmstead deliciousness . . . salted goat milk caramels to satisfy your caramel cravings” you can order it online.

Make it a sweet addition to a family gathering or party!