11 Ways to have more Veggies for Breakfast

By Laura Slatalla, Arizona State University Nutrition Student

Sometimes skipping breakfast seems like an easy way to cut calories or get some extra sleep, but the negative effects of missing the first meal of the day far outweigh the convenience, and we miss out on some yummy morning vegetables!

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When you don’t eat breakfast, you are more likely to overeat later in the day. Health and medical professionals explain that our bodies send a larger boost of hunger hormones the longer we’ve been fasting. Research also shows that the people who eat breakfast are more likely to make healthier choices the rest of the day, leading to healthier hearts, and are more active, especially in the morning, maintaining a healthier weight. Blood sugar levels also see fewer fluctuations and risk for type 2 diabetes is lowered. In a nutshell, breakfast is important!

A traditional breakfast doesn’t have to be just eggs and toast- vegetables are the perfect way to start your day! Let’s break out of the routine with some flavorful and fresh new ways to get some vegetables with your breakfast.

Here’s a list of ways to add more vegetables to your breakfast.

  1. Add vegetables to omelets and scrambled eggs! You can add spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, and peppers. Mix it up and aim for a whole serving of vegetables to improve your morning scramble.
  2. Who doesn’t love potatoes with peppers and onions?
  3. Spread avocado on your toast and top it with tomatoes.
  4. Put some vegetables in muffins! I like to make muffins for a treat on the weekend, and adding some zucchini or carrots is delicious. Berries or raisins can be added as well.
  5. Make a broccoli, onion, and cheese quiche!
  6. A breakfast wrap with a whole wheat tortilla, avocado, egg, and tomatoes is a delicious way to work in some vegetables.
  7. Pumpkin pancakes are a great idea in the fall.
  8. Breakfast sandwiches can be loaded with fresh spinach, tomatoes, and avocados.
  9. Incorporate some vegetables into a smoothie or juice.
  10. Serve raw vegetables as a breakfast side- tomatoes, carrots, sweet peppers, and celery.
  11. Switch up your routine and have traditional lunch or dinner foods for breakfast!

Before you grab something with lots of added sugar or skip breakfast entirely, grab some vegetables and get creative. Your metabolism will be more stable. Academic and work performance will excel with that extra edge from a healthy breakfast, and you’ll have a head start on your servings of vegetables!

Try freezing muffins and meals to make breakfast even more convenient. They can just be popped in the microwave and eaten on the way out the door. Don’t wait for lunch to include those all those vitamins and minerals!

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Laura Slatalla is an undergraduate student at Arizona State University, studying dietetics and working on a child nutrition certificate. Slatalla’s goal is to become a registered dietitian and work with children in a school district. She is also a part-time waitress and mom to a toddler. A couple of her hobbies are scrapbooking and reading. Says Slatalla, “I am new to blogging, but I think it is a fun break from textbooks!”


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