7 Simple Ways Your Family Can Help Save the Planet

Any of us can take these simple steps to help save the planet (photo credit: BigStockPhoto.ccom)

Any of us can take these simple steps to help save the planet (photo credit: BigStockPhoto.ccom)

There are many things we can do to help preserve our planet for the generations yet to come. In fact, we love this video of how one farmer creatively recycles used cooking oil. Here are some simple ideas we want to share to help you take steps to help save the planet.

1.     Reuse Plastic Shopping Bags

If you are like most American households, you have no shortage of plastic shopping bags hanging around in your house, even if you use the reusable bags most of the time.  Rather than tossing these plastic bags into the trash can, look for ways to reuse them.  For example, they make great mini-trash bags for bathrooms and bedrooms.  You can also check with your local store to see if you can recycle them at the store.

2.     Buy Rechargeable Batteries

Today’s world requires a lot of batteries to operate it and those batteries are filled with some pretty bad chemicals that can seep into landfills when they are tossed in the trash.  Keep your battery operated world working while decreasing the impact by buying rechargeable batteries.  As an added bonus, this will also save your family money over the long run.  When it is time to get rid of any batteries, work with a company that collects them for proper disposal rather than tossing them in the trash.

3.     Donate Old Items

Our houses, basements, and closets are full of things we never use, never wear, and probably don’t even remember we have.  Go through these spaces and donate or sell everything you don’t need.  Take the family out to dinner with any money you make to celebrate your generosity.

4.     Don’t Toss Electronics

Just like batteries, electronic devices contain some pretty hazardous elements that should not be tossed out with the trash.  If you have old electronics including televisions, cell phones, computer equipment or pretty much anything with a screen, start by trying to sell it or donate it.  If you can’t, contact your town or city government to find out how to properly dispose of it.

5.     Swap Cloth for Paper

We use a lot of paper simply because it is convenient to be able to dispose of it.  One way that your family can cut down on the amount of disposable paper products you consume is to swap your paper napkins for cloth ones.   Buy a couple of sets and just toss them in the laundry with your clothes when they need washing.  Over time this can also add up to a big cost savings.

6.     Use Reusable Containers for Lunches

Taking lunch to school and work is a great way to provide healthy homemade meals and manage the food budget.  But too often those lunches are filled with food stored in plastic bags that are used once and tossed in the trash.  Swap those sandwich bags for plastic containers or lunch tins that will provide the same protection for your food items but that can be brought home and reused.

7.     Buy Everyone a Water Bottle

Investing in a stainless steel or aluminum water bottle for each member of the family can significantly decrease the amount of disposable plastic bottles you go through in a year.  This simple swap saves money while also minimizing your family’s overall impact.

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