Everything you need to Plan Christmas

By Lauren Scott, Arizona Farm Bureau Intern

From budgeting to cooking to decorating, we’ve got it all. We did the work of compiling this list, now the only thing you have to do is look through, find what you need, and plan the best Christmas ever!

You don’t need to be traditional. Treat your guests to a special Christmas dinner with Arizona Prime Rib, and finish your day with this amazing pumpkin pie cake. Take a look at some of the blogs below to see what other delicious holiday recipes Fill Your Plate has to offer.


  1. The Traditional Christmas Dinner is all Arizona Agriculture
  2. What is on your Christmas Day Dinner Plate?
  3. Farming Family Holiday Traditions
  4. 12 Holiday Dishes you Should add to your Table
  5. A Foodie’s Guide to the Winter Holidays
  6. Holiday Hacks
  7. Celebrate the Holidays with Arizona Wine
  8. Four Ways to Celebrate the Holidays Affordably
  9. How to get through the Holidays without Gaining Weight
  10. Holiday Gift Ideas for the Health Conscious
  11. Simple, Thoughtful Recipes work best for a Holiday Feast
  12. 6 Tips for Beating the Holiday Bulge
  13. How Holiday Checklists can Save your Sanity
  14. 5 Quick and Easy Holiday Desserts
  15. 7 Tips for Sticking to a Holiday Budget
  16. 20 Brilliant Breakfast Ideas for Holiday Mornings
  17. Great Ideas for Holiday Sweets and Treats
  18. 5 Tips to make Holiday Cooking Easier
  19. How to Host a Holiday Cookie Swap

We told you we have everything here that you need to plan Christmas! Share pictures with us on Facebook of your Arizona Christmas dinner. If you’ve got any other holiday tips or recipes you want the world to know about, share them with us in the comments!

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One Response to Everything you need to Plan Christmas

  1. Trudy Schuett says:

    We’re going to have a piecaken, with a mincemeat pie in the middle of an English walnut cake. The cherry pie inside a chocolate cake we tried for Thanksgiving was a big success, so we thought we’d blaze a new trail for Xmas as well!

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