Fill Your Plate Recipe Tab: a Place to Discover Arizona’s Producer Chefs

By Julie Murphree, Arizona Farm Bureau

This Wheat Farmer’s Salad is a creation of farmer Tiffany Shedd. Delightfully Yummy!


Where else can you find recipes like “Wheat Farmer’s Salad” and “The Angry Hillbilly” but in Fill Your Plate’s searchable recipe section! It’s a treasure trove of Arizona farmer and rancher recipes.

Now with more than 130 recipes, Arizona Farm Bureau’s Fill Your Plate website has become a place to feature Arizona’s producer chefs. Yes, Arizona hosts some farmers and ranchers that are just as gifted in the kitchen as they are out on the range or in the field. The majority of the recipes featured on Fill Your Plate are from Arizona farmers and ranchers.

Plus, the recipe section on Fill Your Plate is searchable. Imagine you’ve thawed out some chicken breasts but are stumped as to what to cook for the evening meal? When you select the green “Recipe” tab in Fill Your Plate, look for the “search for” box. The down arrow window will let you select “chicken” as your main ingredient. Up will pop 12 different recipes from Arizona producers that feature chicken as a main ingredient.

Of course we have more beef producers in Arizona. So you might find more recipes for beef in the Fill Your Plate recipe section. 18 recipes featuring beef as a main ingredient to be exact.

Imagine if in the beef section you select the recipe “Italian Pot Roast Spaghetti,” you’ll discover the ingredients including a three-pound pot roast and the directions for preparing the meal. You’ll also take note of a blue box in the upper hand corner of the recipe description. The blue box features the farmers and ranchers in the main directory of Fill Your Plate. Select the term “beef” in the box and up will pop our more than 20 Arizona beef producers that can sell you fresh, quality beef directly.

And who is our producer for our Italian Pot Roast Spaghetti? Nancy Brierley, part of a family farming operation in California and Arizona.

So, Fill Your Plate’s searchable recipe tab is more than a collection of great recipes. It’s a place to find unique recipes conceived and tested by Arizona’s own producer chefs.

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