Former Farm Girl Was the Best Pie Maker in the County!

Local celebrity and Arizona foodie Jan D’Atri discovered another Arizona

Lucille Howard made the best Apple Pie!

cook and in the process discovered a special person. Lucille Howard, grandmother of Arizona Farm Bureau’s Julie Murphree, was well known for her pies. So, Jan recently featured Grandma Howard’s pies on her blog.

Jan also profiled some of Julie’s favorite stories about her grandma. Grandma Howard’s rural roots and farm girl work ethic set a life well lived that has now had significant impact on following generations. So, maybe agriculture roots do run deep.

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6 Responses to Former Farm Girl Was the Best Pie Maker in the County!

  1. chrissy m. says:

    I would like the recipie for the pumpkin pie,you talked about on jandatri show

    • Here is the Hickman Family Farm Recipe for Pumpkin Pie:
      Our recipes demonstrate the egg’s unique ability to “move around the plate” as an ingredient in appetizers, snacks, desserts, soups, and salads – and as the star of a variety of entrees.

      Grandma Gertie’s Pumpkin Pie
      9 inch pie
      1/3 large can of Pumpkin
      5 Hickman Large Egg Yolks
      1 Cup Sugar* can use more if preferred
      1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice
      1 Tablespoon Vanilla
      1, 1/2 cans evaporated milk

      In large mixing bowl, mix sugar and spice together, set aside. In mixer bowl, blend egg yolks one at a time into pumpkin, then add milk, sugar/spice, and vanilla on low.

      Pour mixture into 9-inch pie shell and bake at 350 degrees until filling sets, 35-40+ minutes depending on oven.
      Brett Hickman suggests topping it with a mountain of whip cream!!!

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  4. Faye McIver says:

    The recipe for Grandma Gertie’s Pumpkin Pie in the newspaper, is quite different from the one on the website (ie: website recipe has: less sugar, less milk, 1 less egg, less spice and vanilla) . I’m wondering which recipe is correct. Thanks.

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