Fresh Arizona Peaches Available Now!

“Life is Peachy” at Schnepf Farms

Fresh Arizona Peaches

The Peach Festival and Peachy Facts

MAY 15TH, 16TH, 22ND & 23RD ……AND…….

–       The Peach Festival was the first festival held on the farm.

–       Peaches are available at the farm to UPICK 5 weeks…through the first week of June

–       Because of the Peach Festival, our farm has planted additional orchards to keep up with the demand (currently there are six different orchards on the farm)

–       During the Peach Festival, over 1500 pancake breakfasts are served each day using 40 GALLONS of fresh cut peaches, 65 cans of real whip cream, and 8 gallons of maple syrup for each breakfast.

–       Arizona is the first State in the Country to offer Fresh Ripe Peaches…Peaches ripen on the farm the end of April

–       We are the first farm in the Country to offer the same…Peaches start to ripen at Carole Steele’s Aravaipa Farm Late May & June, and at Apple Annie’s Farm in Wilcox Late June and July

–       We are the largest Peach Farm in the State, growing almost 80 acres of fruit

–       All of our peaches are organic…no fertilizers or pesticides have ever been used on the orchards

–       We have been growing peaches for almost 50 years

–       The peach season in Arizona has gone from 10 days to over 5 weeks (WE WILL HAVE PEACHES through the first week of June) THANKS TO THIS WEATHER!

–       Peaches are the main crop grown on the farm, orchards take up 80 acres of our 300 acre farm

–       We grow 5 different varieties of peaches, all ripening at different times…all of them picked by customers visiting the farm…Florida King (already picked) , Florida Prince (currently picking), EarliGrande (opens next week), EarliTreat (last week in May), Springcrest (first week in June)

–       Valley pickers favorite variety of peach is EarliGrande

–       Peaches bloom in Arizona in February

–       Several valley chef’s will feature  farm peaches on their menu’s in May

–       We also grow Apricots, Plums and Apples   Poppy and Katy Apricots, Santa Rosa Plums and Ana Apples

–       A good crop of Apricots & plums  produce about once every 3 years and this is the year!

Fresh Arizona Apricots

–       For info and latest picking info  visit   or Schnepf Farms Fan Page on Facebook  Ph. 480.987.3100

Schnepf Farms is in Queen Creek, Address:  24810 S, Rittenhouse Road

–       While you’re out this way, please try and visit our neighbors and friends: The Queen Creek Olive Mill, The Pork Shop and the beautiful Encanterra Golf & Country Club, all within 2 miles of the farm.

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