Mortimer Family Farms Establishes Roots on the Site Formerly Known as Young’s Farms

Sharla and Gary Mortimer are making this a family affair with their four kids helping make Mortimer Family Farms as special and memorable as Young's Farm was so many years ago.


Farm family draws on tradition to launch the rebirth of a Landmark

By Julie Murphree, Arizona Farm Bureau

The Mortimer family of Mortimer Family Farms launched farming operations on what many consider legendary soil in northern Arizona.

Young’s Farm, long known in Arizona for its fresh sweet corn in the summer and pumpkins in the fall, is being brought back to life by Sharla and Gary Mortimer of Mortimer Family Farms. The Mortimer family recently negotiated with the current landowner to begin farming again on the corner of Highway 69 and 169 in Dewey, Arizona under the Mortimer Family Farms name.

It’s been almost five years since Young’s Farm closed. Gary and Sharla Mortimer, owners of Mortimer’s Nursery in Prescott and the Ash Creek Ranch off State Route 169, changed all that in April when they held a press conference and had local dignitaries help them plant the first seeds in the newly plowed ground.

“Words can’t describe how excited and honored we are to help bring Young’s Farm back into food production,” says Gary Mortimer with Mortimer Family Farms.

In plant nursery production, farming and ranching for the last 25 years, the Mortimer family identifies with the traditions of the past in this landmark farming community.  “We can’t do this without the community,” says Sharla. “It’s what made the Young’s farm so special and we intend to do the same.”

Editor’s Note: Sharla and Gary Mortimer are leaders in Arizona Farm Bureau and Yavapai County Farm Bureau.

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3 Responses to Mortimer Family Farms Establishes Roots on the Site Formerly Known as Young’s Farms

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  2. Aracely says:

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  3. Lauretta Shiya says:

    Good morning! I traveled to Dewey yesterday to join my daughter and family, living in Prescott Valley, for the Corn Festival. It was a tad expensive for a tight budget at $5 p/activity (perhaps you could allow for a family price of tickets next time) but the free events at the historical tent and hayrides were great. We enjoyed the tour of your cornfields with Farmer Buzz especially. He was a lively talker and filled us with laughs and knowledge about corn and farming.
    I appreciate this wonderful event to enjoy the day outside. And the music was AWESOME!
    Oh yes, one thing I noticed was that the ball throwing for clay pigeons(sp?) was too close to the walk-through and the little kids made curious about the popping sound kept walking over there, almost in the line of fire!
    And that reminds me: what a great concept of the floating “hamster” balls! That is the most innovative and fun use of the inflatable activities for kids that I have seen. I wish there was one for adults!

    Thank you for an enjoyable day,
    a happy grandmother

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