Top Mexican Restaurants to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

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By Wendy Kenney, AZFB

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, and Brent Murphree’s post about his favorite Mexican Restaurants in the Southwest, I thought I would add mine.  Now if a restaurant is not on a list doesn’t mean I don’t like it, it just means that I haven’t been there or don’t know about it.    As a side note, I live in the East Valley.


1.            Guedo’s Cantina & Grille. My husband and I have been going here for years.  And although this place looks a little worn for wear, the food is absolutely amazing.  We always get a two mixed steak and pork tacos with cheese, and a side of rice.  It’s a family-owned business and as far as tacos go, it’s our favorite.

2.            Tia Rosa’s, Gilbert, Arizona.  Tia Rosa’s has been in the East Valley for many years and is family owned as well.  Their meats are slow cooked and melt in your mouth.  But what I go there for is their fish tacos; fresh grilled, buttery sweet, white fish on corn tortillas, with plenty of cheese and a tasty homemade salsa.  I also always have a shrimp taco.  I’m always amazed at the plump little white shrimp, nestled in two corn tortillas, covered with home-made pineapple salsa and mounds of freshly grated cabbage, and cheese.

3.            Matta’s was voted best Mexican Grill and Cantina in the East Valley for 2011 and it’s certainly no mystery why.  When we’re looking for traditional style Mexican food with plenty of cheese and gravy, we go here.  Their enchiladas can’t be beat!

4.            Blue Adobe Grill, with food cooked in the New Mexican style, this restaurant is a chili-lover’s dream.    The food is different from any of the traditional fare you’re used to.  If you’re a foodie, this restaurant is a must.

These restaurants are my favorite’s, what are yours?

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