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Pauline Martinez is the chef owner of PERK eatery, a family owned operation with its roots in the Midwest. PERK eatery has been featured on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives in an episode that first aired on May 6, 2013. Three generations of restaurateurs have carried family recipes and a love for “stick to the ribs” food to the Wild West. PERK Gourmet is a line of artisan specialty food products created by Chef Pauline Martinez from the time honored recipes found at PERK eatery. PERK eatery is located at 6501 E Greenway Parkway, Suite 159 in the Safeway Plaza on the east side of the center. For more information visit www.perkeatery.com or call 480-998-6026.
  • What created your passion for cooking?
    Food is a huge part of my family culture. My grandma was always cooking, baking bread, making cheese etc. My grandfather always grew his own vegetables and made his own wine every year. I spent most of my childhood summers in Europe and that molded my food philosophy.
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    My favorite place is FnB for any occasion. Charlene (one of Fill Your Plate's Celebrity Chefs) is the only person who can cook for me the way I cook for others.
  • What's your favorite dessert?
    Ice cream ... Because it's perfect ... enough said.
  • What's your favorite thing to cook?
    Vegetables... because they are grossly underrated and misunderstood. Vegetable are like the jewelry to a nice outfit. The must be bold and well edited.
  • What ingredients can you not do without when you're cooking?
    Olive oil, onions and garlic.
  • What's the most basic advice you give when you're talking to someone about cooking?
    Be passionate about it, love and respect the ingredients. You only have one body and there's no do overs, so do it right and enjoy the experience.
  • Share your thoughts about Arizona agriculture.
    Arizona's climate is great for agriculture but it bothers me that so many small farms sold out during the big building boom. I wish there was more available to the average person who doesn't have time to go to Farmer's Markets. 
  • What do you consider unique to Arizona when it comes to food, restaurants and/or anything related?
    There are some really great restaurants and chefs in Arizona but there are still great strides necessary to making us a true food-centric state. 
  • Any advice about Food and Nutrition?
    Respect your body and respect the food that you put into it! Processed food is HORRIBLE. Eat fresh, eat local and eat healthy without compromising flavor.

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