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  • Farm Name:
    Arizona Legacy Beef
  • Name:
    Danny and Kacie Tomerlin
  • Address:
    Humboldt, AZ, 86329
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  • Farmers Market:
    Camp Verde Farmers' Market
  • Description:
    Hungry for local Arizona beef? Then you’ve got to try Arizona Legacy Beef.

    Arizona Legacy Beef provides wholesome, great tasting, 100% natural gourmet Criollo beef from animals raised on their native rangeland that is lower in total fat, saturated fatty acids and cholesterol than mainstream beef.

    The Criollo breed is originally from Spain and carries a unique muscling in the beef carcass. In fact, while some breeds just cannot carry off a tender cut of meat if raised exclusively on grass and native rangeland, the Criollo breed can.

    Arizona Legacy Beef is dedicated to providing you with the finest local beef you can purchase. Individual cuts or convenient, budget friendly packages are available on their website. They do monthly deliveries around the valley and the northern part of the state. The next time you are in Flagstaff treat yourself to a wonderful meal at Criollo Latin Kitchen on San Francisco Street where they serve the best burgers in the state!

    Arizona Legacy Beef understands the value and importance of local foods from Arizona. They’ll help you celebrate local with their unique brand of beef!
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