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  • Farm Name:
    Big Happy's Farm
  • Name:
    Kathy Porter
  • Address:
    440 S. Pasadena, Mesa, AZ, 85210
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  • Farm Type and Features:
    • CSA
    • Wholesale
  • Description:
    Big Happy's Farm is dedicated to naturally growing the fresh vegetables you desire. We take pride in our produce and sell at several farmers' markets in the Phoenix area.

    We have no on farm sales at this time, however, we have plans for that in the near future.

    Please visit us at the Roadrunner Park Farmers' Market on Saturday; Mesa Community Market on Friday; Ahwatukee Market on Sunday.

    We also partner with other farms and bring in thier produce to the market. If you a farmer and would like to get your produce to market, please contact us today.
  • FB Discounts:
    10% discount to people referred by Fill Your Plate.