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  • Farm Name:
    Hopkins Hog Farm
  • Name:
    Elija Hopkins
  • Address:
    PO Box 398, Aguila, AZ, 85320
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  • Weekday Hours:
    Call to make an appt.
  • Farm Type and Features:
    • Meats
  • Description:
    At Hopkins Hog Farm we produce an exceptional pork product that selective consumers prefer.

    We have an excellent selection of suckling, roaster/Luau pigs, and custom butcher hogs available year round.

    100% Arizona Grown Pork ~ grain fed and raised with care!

    Call or e-mail Elijah to place an order for your custom hog. Whole, half or other.

    We also have a purebred line of
    4-H and FFA show pigs and fresh eggs.

    We grind our own feed, using the best corn and grain available. We do not add old or spoiled products to our feed, nor will you find antibiotics.

    Fresh eggs are also available.
  • Driving Directions:
    Call to make an appt. and we will gladly give you directions to our farm.
  • FB Discounts:
    Discounts for Farm Bureau members, depends on what is ordered.