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  • Farm Name:
    M Triangle Ranch
  • Name:
    Mark & Shelley Michaels
  • Address:
    19099 S. Wells Road, Bonita, Arizona, 85643
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  • Farm Type and Features:
    • Country Store
    • Farmers Market
    • Online Orders
  • Farmers Market:
    Tucson Farmers Market
  • Description:
    Our animals are all naturally grown with no hormones, or antibiotics. We do vaccinate our cattle with Ultrabac 8 when they are young to keep our herd healthy and disease free. Our birds are free range and naturally grown. They are supplemented with feed mixed right at the ranch. The corn, milo and alfalfa are all locally grown.
  • Driving Directions:
    Come see us at our new meat store located 9 miles north of Willcox off of Ft. Grant rd. at 8020 W. Black Road Look for the signs!