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    Source Verified Native American Beef
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    Source Verified Native American Beef
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    202 6th Street, STE 400 Castle Rock, CO 80104, CO
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    • Meats
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    We all deserve to know what we’re putting into our mouths and serving our friends and families. And, we all deserve to trust that the information we’re getting is authentic, accurate, and unbiased. That’s where third-party verification comes in. This unbiased and expert process enables us all to trust in the claims being made about the products we purchase because accredited, independent audits of farms, ranches, and/or processing facilities were performed, all of the data collected on-site was turned over to a reviewer free of any conflict of interest, and a second level of assessment was undertaken to substantiate the product claims made on package labels. We do all of this work for you – and for us – because we also care about where our food comes from, how it was produced, and whether claims being made about it are in fact real and authentic.