National Dishes from Across the World

By Lauren Scott, Arizona Farm Bureau Intern

Let me ask you a question: What is your favorite type of food? I like Asian food as well as Mexican food, but there are hundreds of other types of food out there that I still need to taste. If you’re originally from another country, you might be partial to that country’s cuisine. You might also like the dishes from countries that surround where you grew up. That seems to be the case for me, anyway. Now let me ask you another question: Have you ever tasted food from countries far away from yours? And I mean authentic food from other countries, not from a chain restaurant that you can find on every street corner.

Truth is, although a lot of us don’t consider ourselves ‘picky’ we tend to be picky when it comes to foreign food. When was the last time you craved a hamburger? Probably recently. I had one for lunch just a few days ago! When was the last time you craved Egyptian food? Probably never. I don’t know if I’ve ever tried Egyptian food, to be honest.


For me, it’s not that I don’t want to try other foods, it’s that they aren’t as accessible as a burger. For my family, though, it is a matter of thinking they aren’t going to like it. They know they like burgers and fries because that is what they have had easy access to their whole lives. Food from other countries, on the other hand, isn’t in their food-related comfort zone.

If you’re like me and haven’t had access to diverse food choices, I ask you to do this: Try cooking it for yourself. You don’t need to go out of your way to find a restaurant that serves what you want to try. If there is a local business that does serve food you have wanted to sample, absolutely visit them. If you can’t find a place or love to cook, I have compiled some delicious recipes from across the world for you to try. Now you can take a food trip around the globe without even leaving your house!

Algeria: Couscous

Argentina: Empanadas

The Bahamas: Cracked Conch

Belgium: Moules Frites

Bhutan: Ema Datshi

Brazil: Feijoada

Canada: Poutine

China: Peking Duck

Colombia: Bandeja Paisa

Croatia: Zagorski Strukli

Cuba: Black Beans & Rice

Denmark: Smorrebrod

Egypt: Ful Medames

England: Fish & Chips

Ethiopia: Beef Stew (Wat)

Finland: Karelian Pasties

France: Pot-au-feu

Georgia: Khachapuri

Germany: Sauerbraten

Greece: Moussaka

Guatemala: Fiambre

Guyana: Pepperpot

Hungary: Goulash

India: Curry

Indonesia: Nasi Goreng  

 Iran: Chelo Kebab

Ireland: Irish Stew

Israel: Falafel

Italy: Risotto

Jamaica: Jerk Chicken  

Japan: Sushi

Lithuania: Cepelinai

Malta: Pastizzi

Mexico: Pozole

Morocco: Tagine/Tajine 

Nicaragua: Gallo Pinto

Pakistan: Pilaf

Philippines: Adobo

Poland: Pierogis

Portugal: Caldo Verde    

Russia: Borscht

Singapore: Chili Crab 

Spain: Paella

Sweden: Kottbullar

Switzerland: Fondue 

Taiwan: Beef Noodle Soup 

Thailand: Pad Thai

Turkey: Kebabs

United States: Burgers

Venezuela: Pabellon Criollo  

Vietnam: Pho

Yemen: Saltah

There are enough recipes here that you could make one a week for an entire year, so you better get started! If we missed one of your favorite recipes send us a message or leave a comment, we’d love to create another list soon. If you try any of these recipes, leave a comment as well and tell us how it went. For more recipes visit the Fill Your Plate website.


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