Local Vacation Spots in Arizona

By Sarah Hunt, AZFB Communications Intern



Need to get away, but not too far from home? No problem! Arizona has several great spots to relax. Find your new favorite place to vacation below!


Strawberry Inn – Strawberry, Arizona

I have friends who have stayed here and highly recommended this stay! As you can see from the website and Google Maps, this was an older inn that they completely overhauled and beautifully renovated a few years ago, as well as cabins close by that are perfect for big groups. This is a great spot for a family reunion, bachelor or bachelorette party, family getaway, or romantic getaway. It has lots of hiking and swimming spots nearby as well as ski resorts under two hours away to visit in the winter. It also has an on-site coffee counter called Windmill Coffee (you guessed it, it’s inside a windmill. How cute, right?). It is in a pretty rural area, so just be sure to check the news for any wildfires on the way or close to the inn, and how they may affect your drive up or your stay.


Sedona Summit Diamond Resort – Sedona, Arizona

I have stayed at this location before and loved it. It appears that they’ve renovated since I last stayed there. I enjoyed this spot because it has everything you need and more while you’re away from home: Wi-Fi, a full kitchen with all the appliances, dishes, pots and pans, kitchen table and seating, balconies, nice bathrooms, cable, and a DVD player (with DVD’s you can use in the lobby upon request). Slide Rock and other fun summer hiking and swimming spots are only a stone’s throw away.


The Joshua Tree House: The Posada – Tucson, Arizona

This location is a gorgeous, five suite inn that borders Saguaro National Park West. It was the top recommendation of my close friend who recently lived in Tucson for four years. It’s perfect for smaller family reunions or elopements. Amenities and attractions for this stay include “the pool, hot spring, labyrinth, on-site trails, wildlife, cactus garden, rooftop patios, [a full chef’s kitchen on site for all guests to use, as well as a charcoal grill on the property to cook outside] and starry night sky. Though, if you’re up for more adventures we’d definitely recommend heading to Saguaro National Park, the Desert Museum (also less than 10 mins away), and take a gorgeous drive through Gates Pass on the way to the city of Tucson itself. The city is filled with charming indie shops and amazing food”.


The Scott Resort and Spa – Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale is well known around the country for being a high-end city, so you already know anything here is going to be somewhat expensive (Pro tip: rates are usually lower Sunday through Tuesdays). This stay is best kept at a few days at the most to avoid a big spend. But this location stood out to me because it creates an Old Havana atmosphere, giving you the feeling of a classy, tropical getaway. Dine and get drinks at the Canal Club, hold a conference for your company or a wedding in the ballrooms, get a relaxing massage at the spa, and more. It is a sister hotel to the Arizona Grand Resort and Spa, ensuring the same high quality experience.


Arizona Grand Resort and Spa – Phoenix, Arizona

Arizona Grand Resort is located in the heart of Phoenix. It has an abundance of amenities, perfect for any type of getaway – even business conferences and weddings! This hotel features a golf course, beautiful, homey rooms, a restaurant, spa, large ballrooms, and a waterslide park with a 25 person hot tub and kids area. This hotel is a little more expensive, but considering how many amenities are available, it’s well worth it for a fun-filled, full-on vacation or wedding.


Find more Arizona activities on Fill Your Plate’s blog!

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Why Beets Are Considered a Superfood

By Julie Murphree, Arizona Farm Bureau Outreach Director

My salad today was full of red and gold beets; so yummy. I love beets in a salad. I love them pickled, baked and more. So, when I hear from the experts that beets are a superfood, I cheer.

Registered dietitians (RD) say beets are low in calories and they offer a wide array of nutritional benefits, such as soluble and insoluble fiber, manganese, potassium and folate, while beet greens contain a lot of vitamin K, magnesium and iron.

Beets also have vitamins and minerals that help protect the heart, maintain sharper vision, improve cognitive health, lower inflammation and even enhance a workout, RDs say.

Arizona agriculture grows lots of beets including multi-colored beets. According to Fill Your Plate’s seasonal chart you can get fresh, local beets from November through May.

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You May have a Magnesium Deficiency

By Julie Murphree, Arizona Farm Bureau Outreach Director

Raise your hand if you take a magnesium supplement. It’s probably wise, especially if your doctor recommended it after blood tests. Eating the right foods can replenish your magnesium levels too.

Many Americans don’t get enough magnesium because of a range of factors, such as processing that causes some foods to lose magnesium and consuming too much coffee, soda, or alcohol that deplete magnesium in the body, registered dietitians (RD) say.

The experts say having enough magnesium is highly important as it helps almost every organ and system in the body to function properly, and RDs recommend those with magnesium insufficiency to eat more green leafy vegetables, legumes, whole grains, nuts and seeds.

Check out Fill Your Plate’s other blogs for more information on supplements and vitamins.

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Five Places in Arizona to be During the Fall

By Kennadee Riggs, Communications Intern


With fall just around the corner, Arizona residents are looking to fill their calendars with activities that can make the most of this season! For any of you farm fans out there, here are five local places with festive activities they will be putting on this autumn!


  1. Schnepf Farms

24610 S Rittenhouse Rd, Queen Creek, AZ 85142

Come along for some hay rides, a pumpkin and chili festival, petting zoo, home bakery and more!


  1. Mortimer Family Farms

12907 E State Rte 169, Dewey, AZ 86327

If you are in for sunflower picking, barn dances, a pumpkin patch and more, head on down to Dewey for Mortimer Family Farm’s fall festivities! 


  1. Mother Nature’s Farm

1663 E Baseline Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85233

With a pumpkin forest, tube slide, petting zoo and other activities, Mother Nature’s Farm is a great place to be with the family this October!


  1. Vertuccio Farms

4011 S Power Rd, Mesa, AZ 85212

Come on down to Mesa for a huge corn maze, air pillow, mini-golf, and zipline! These spooky activities are the perfect ways to get you and your family in the seasonal mood. 


  1. Apple Annie’s Orchards

2081 W Hardy Rd, Wilcox, AZ 85643

Not only does this place hold Arizona’s largest cornfield, but an orchard of apples and pumpkins where you can pick your own! After you pick your pumpkin you can make your way down to their bakery for some home-baked goods, and on the weekend you will enjoy all-you-can-eat pumpkin or buttermilk pancakes. 


We hope to see y’all around at our local farms this fall as we celebrate such a wonderful season with family-oriented activities! For more articles and ideas like this, click here to check out our blog!

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Fall’s Foods: And Why They Are Good For You!

By Kennadee Riggs, Communications Intern


Have you ever wondered if there were any healthy advantages to eating a slice of pumpkin pie? Here is a list of popular fall ingredients and their own unique health benefits!



This iconic spooky squash is loaded with nutritious reasons to love it even more. Pumpkins are 94% water! Not only can they make a fun way to stay hydrated, but they are rich in Vitamin A and C. Eating pumpkin can also reduce your risk of chronic diseases due to being high in antioxidants. Learn more here



This sensational season is very rich in antioxidants which can help protect against signs of aging. It also adds to protection against serious conditions like cancer. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties. It has been proven to also work as an antibacterial. Click here to learn more!



Spicy as it can be, cinnamon does a lot of good for the human body. It contains anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties; protecting against innumerable dangers to the immune system. It also has been used successfully to relieve digestive pains. For many more benefits of cinnamon, check out this website.



While this particular poultry is packed with protein, turkey serves many other consummation purposes as well. It is full of B Vitamins which help produce neurotransmitters and supports the production of red blood cells. Turkey is also full of great minerals which help with hormone production and bone health. Check out this site to know more. 



This starchy stock is not only delicious both popped and freshly picked, it contains many better reasons to be included in this fall’s recipes. It is high in Vitamin C, which protects from cancers and cell damage. It is backed by many whole grain perks while being rich in potassium as well. Click here https://www.health.com/nutrition/health-benefits-of-corn to find more!


This autumn, be sure to include these important ingredients in your festive recipes. Even aside from all of the nutritious science behind them all, they each are delicious and nostalgic around this time of year. For more nutrition facts and recipes, check out the Fill Your Plate blog here!

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