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    Lyman Ranches
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    Lyman Ranches
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    276 E Hashknife Arena Road, Payson, AZ, 85541
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    • Meats
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    We are a 6th generation cattle ranching family with the hope our 4 boys will carry on our ranching heritage and legacy. We offer beef directly to consumers right from our ranch to your table in individual cuts as well as whole, half and quarter beef. Our beef is born, raised, and finished here at Lyman Ranches. Our cattle are raised out in the wide-open spaces of the Tonto National Forest where they graze the majority of their life. We bring beef in off the range to finish, the last 60-90 days, where they are feed grass hay, alfalfa, and grains to achieve the tenderness and juiciness you have come to expect in our high quality beef you’re feeding your family.