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    Rockhouse Cattle Co
  • Name:
    Mike Romero
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  • Farm Type and Features:
    • Farmers Market
    • Online Orders
  • Farmers Market:
    Power Road Farmers Market
  • Description:
    At Rockhouse Cattle Company our mission is to raise and finish a premium cut of meat while taking just as much care of the land as we do our cattle. Our calves are born and raised on the ranch. Our combination of growing calves to one and a half to two years of age (for a premium beef flavor) our light application of a corn, oat, and barley mix or pasture finishing (in season), and dry aging for 21 days. Labeled as “all natural“, yet we go above and beyond the standards set in place by the USDA. No added hormones, steroids, antibiotics, or animal by-products, EVER. Humane handling and a stress free environment truly produces a premium cut of beef that we are proud to offer you!