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  • Farm Name:
    Sphinx Date Co Palm & Pantry
  • Name:
    Rebecca Seitz
  • Address:
    3039 N. Scottsdale Road, Phoenix, Arizona, 85251
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  • Phone:
  • Fax:
  • Weekday Hours:
    Mon - Fri 9-5
  • Holiday Hours:
    Weekend hours subject to change during holiday season
  • Farm Type and Features:
    • Farmers Market
    • Online Orders
  • Description:
    Sphinx Ranch prides itself in its unique gift offerings, which are comprised of local products native to the state of Arizona. Sphinx also carries a growing selection of Arizona wines that can be purchased separately of incorporated into Sphinx's many gift offerings (dates, nuts, fruits, etc) all of which are available for local and national delivery.
  • Driving Directions:
    On Scottsdale Road between Thomas and Osborn on the East side of the street.
  • FB Discounts:
    5% discount