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  • Farm Name:
    Tonto Mountain Ranch
  • Name:
    Carol & Ray Belmore
  • Address:
    PO Box 217, Skull Valley, AZ, 86338
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  • Email:
  • Phone:
  • Weekday Hours:
    Mon. - Fri. 6 am - 6 pm
  • Farm Type and Features:
    • Meats
    • Tours
  • Description:
    At Tonto Mountain Ranch we raise all natural, grass fed beef and goats.

    Goats are the new wonder animal! Use them for weed and brush control the natural way or enjoy the delicious, healthy less expensive meat.

    Our beef is also all natural, grass fed and delicious!

    We also sel Boer goats for 4-H and goats are trained for carting and packing.
  • Driving Directions:
    Call for complete directions. Our ranch is located off Tonto Road 14 SW of Prescott and 12 m iles N of Skull Valley in the Tonto Flats area.
  • Events:
    Free ranch tours - please call ahead.
  • FB Discounts:
    25% off for Farm Bureau members.
    30-35% off for 4-H members.