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  • Farm Name:
    Wuertz Gourd Farm
  • Name:
    Kathy - Waylon Wuertz
  • Address:
    2487 E. Hwy 87, Casa Grande, AZ, 85294
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  • Weekday Hours:
    Tues. - Fri. 8 am - 5 pm
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  • Description:
    We are a family owned multi-generational farm. Our son is the 4th generation to farm our land.

    We raise and sell gourds, hay - alfalfa, grass and barley - cotton and sweet corn.

    We also have a menagerie of farm animals. Come out and visit us at the farm!

    In October, 1929, Fred Wuertz moved his family from South Dakota to a farm just west of Coolidge, Arizona, where he raised cotton, grain, and alfalfa. His sons, Wayne, Wilbur, Vern, and Howard, continued their family's farming tradition on separate spreads in the Casa Grande Valley.

    In 1975, Fred's grandson, Marvin (Wayne's son), began farming the 800 acre parcel of land, south of Coolidge, now well-known as Wuertz Farm.

    Today Wuertz Farm is a multi-faceted operation that raises over 200,000 gourds each year, and markets specialty hays for horses, along with miniature donkeys, sweet corn, cotton and grain. They also sell numerous products from Waylon and Leah's Gourd Shop, Marvin's cowboy leatherwork and BBQ smokers, Travis's hand-
  • Driving Directions:
    ~Driving Instructions~

    (Do NOT Use Map Quest)


    Take I-10 south towards Casa Grande, get off on exit #194(hwy 287), turn left on hwy 287 and go 8.5 miles. The farm will be on your right hand side.


    Take I-10 north towards Picacho, get off on exit #211 and head north 10.5 miles towards Coolidge/Florence. Turn left (west) on hwy 287. Go 1.5 miles and the farm is on the left hand side.
  • Events:
    See our website for a complete listing of events.