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Pear Sauce
  • 10 to 12 Fresh Arizona Pears
Wash pears and cut into quarters. Place the cut pears in a large pot or small one depending how many pears you have. Put cup or so of water with the cut pears and cook till pears are soft, don't over cook but just until soft. Then scoop out the pears and put the soft pears in a food mill. All the skin and core, seedss will stay on top of the food mill and you will have the most wonderful Pear apple sauce... no need to add sugar as long as the pears are sweet...I don't add spices but one could if they wanted to, I rather like to leave things as much as possible in it's natural state and taste the pear..... I make large batches of this and then freeze in zip locks , flat in the freezer so not to take up to much space...we eat this all winter long with our meals or as a snack.
Provided by:
June Windstein of Brown's Orchard

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